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  Mission Statement  


The mission of the Oneonta Hgh School faculty is to provide a well-rounded educational curriculum in which the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of each student are considered in order to prepare him/her for a successful life as a contributing member of our society.

  About The School  

Welcome to Oneonta High School

Oneonta High School is located in Oneonta, Alabama, a small community nestled in the mountains just northeast of Birmingham. The city school system was organized in 1953 and since then has grown to approximately 1,500 students K-12, with approximately 150 faculty and staff members. It is located on one 84-acre site which adjoins the city and park recreation facilities. The present school was constructed in 1977, with additions in 1992, 1998, and 2007. The high school serves students in grades 9-12. The school's physical plant includes over 125 classrooms and offices, two media centers, five computer labs, three gyms, a separate band room and an auditorium which seats 804. In addition to the plant, the complex includes a stadium, track, ball fields, and three practice fields.

The staff of the system is committed to excellence, with majority holding advanced degrees in their field and many serve as community leaders. Community support for the system is evidenced by the active role parents and community leaders play in the school programs and activities. In addition to the Athletic Booster Club, there is a Band Booster Club, as well as an Academic Booster Club. These organizations work to provide guidance and funding for various student activities.

In the last several years, many capital improvements have been undertaken to update the older portions of the facility to increase the quality of the learning environment. These improvements have included freshly painted interior hallways, installation of safety locks on all classroom doors, new flooring throughout the building, a new roof, improvements to the security system, remodeled bathrooms, and a remodeling of the gym, library, cafeteria, and science lab. In addition, a new sports field house has been erected at Gilbreath Stadium and was funded by the efforts of the Oneonta Booster Club.

In the past ten years, the demographic make-up of the City of Oneonta, as well as Oneonta High School has undergone a tremendous change. In those years, the poverty rate for OCS has almost doubled to its current level of 47%. While the percentage of African American students and white students has stayed basically the same, during the 2017-2018 school year the Hispanic population for OCS changed to 24%, which is also almost double its rate ten years ago. These two changes in the demographics of the school population have been a direct reflection of the change in the City of Oneonta's population shift. This changing demographic presents opportunities for the students to learn from other cultures, yet at the same time there are challenges to be faced with the larger ELL population. Oneonta has an ELL program for students, as well as a full-time interpreter to work with parents who do not speak English. All student forms are printed in two languages to address this language barrier as well.

Oneonta Board of Education

Superintendent:  Mr. Daniel Smith

President: Mr. Don Maples

Vice President: Mr. Ricky Hicks

Mr. Patrick Adams

Mr. Stephen Anderton

Mrs. Sharon Breaseale


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